Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The IAA is committed to working collectively with its members, with policymakers, and with business leaders to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion as a value for our industry. We are committed to providing education, information, and resources to help foster significant progress. On these pages, we present a wide range of resources for advisers and others in the financial services ecosystem to build a more equitable future for businesses, our employees, and our clients.



The investment advisory industry has made small, yet significant steps toward diversity – but women and racial and ethnic minorities remain underrepresented in both management and adviser roles. Our new study with Cerulli Associates is more than just a scorecard – it includes calls to action for accelerating change.

The need to promote DEI in the investment adviser industry is overwhelming, but so are the benefits. Members of the IAA’s DEI Working Group distilled their collective knowledge, experience, and research into A Practical Guide to Building Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Your Firm. This roadmap also has a theme: DEI isn’t just good for people, it’s good for business.

IAA DEI Videos

The IAA hosts expert panels and speakers examining issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We present recordings of a number of those sessions here and will be adding additional recordings as new events take place.

Recommended Reading

There is no shortage of DEI-related books, articles, and commentary on the Internet. Here, with the assistance of the IAA’s DEI Working Group, we have curated publicly available content that is most relevant and useful to our industry.

IAA Today DEI Content

Our online newsletter IAA Today regularly features DEI-related content – from industry research to advocacy, from expert advice columns to regulatory updates, from firm success stories to IAA position statements.

External Support

External support for building a diverse workforce is often helpful for implementing internal systems and procedures that will produce successful results. Here we provide links to organizations that provide that support that have been referred by IAA members.