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The IAA VLOG presents news, information, compliance tips, and business strategy insights for SEC-registered investment advisers. In depth information on these topics is available on the members-only section of the IAA Website.

The Value of IAA Membership

With more than 640 member firms and growing, the Investment Adviser Association provides a wide range of resources and services that federally registered investment advisers find crucial – from advocacy to legal team access , from  compliance resources to professional conferences , from  free webinars to professional certification programs, and much more.  You can learn about the benefits of IAA membership – and hear what members have to say about them – in these videos.

About the IAA

The Investment Adviser Association – which celebrated its 80th Anniversary in 2017 – is the only organization dedicated exclusively to promoting the interests of SEC-registered investment advisers. The IAA provides advocacy, business development compliance, educational and peer-to-peer engagement resources, and more – and has been in the forefront of promoting the fiduciary standard that its members are bound by as the highest form of client care and investor protection.

2018 IAA Compliance Conference: SEC Officials

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, Division of Investment Management Director Dalia Blass, Enforcement Co-Director Stephanie Avakian, OCIE Director Peter Driscoll and SEC Investor Advocate Richard Fleming gave their views on a wide range of topics affecting investment advisers at the 2018 IAA Investment Adviser Compliance Conference. View the full playlist.

2017 IAA Compliance Conference: Acting SEC Chair Piwowar

Then-Acting SEC Chair Michael Piwowar engaged in a “keynote conversation” with IAA President & CEO Karen Barr at our 2017 Compliance Conference in March. They discussed a range of relevant topics – including the challenges the SEC faces in examining investment advisers, the SEC’s asset management rulemaking agenda, and the vexing problem of extending the fiduciary standard beyond investment advisers to other financial professionals.

2017 IAA Compliance Conference Breakouts

Three breakout sessions from the IAA’s 2017 Compliance Conference are now publicly available. They are Compliant Advertising & Marketing Materials (including GIPS), Considerations for Advisers with Aging Clients, and Key Issues in Negotiating Vendor Contracts and Vendor Due Diligence. You can access all three breakout sessions here.

2016 IAA Compliance Conference - SEC Directors David Grim & Marc Wyatt

The SEC's serious consideration of mandating that investment advisers hire third parties to perform some type of compliance review and report their findings to the SEC was a major topic of discussion throughout the 2016 IAA Compliance Conference. While the scope of those reviews has not been decided, and no formal rule has yet been proposed, two SEC Directors - David Grim of Investment Management and Marc Wyatt of OCIE - discussed the value that some type of third-party review program could bring to the SEC's RIA oversight. They also discussed how data gathering determines which investment advisers are examined and the status of rule making on a uniform fiduciary standard for brokers and advisers. See the full playlist.

2016 IAA Compliance Conference - SEC Commissioner Kara Stein

SEC Commissioner Kara Stein told attendees at the IAA's 2016 Compliance Conference that proposed changes to data reporting on Form ADV and other SEC data gathering initiatives are crucial to bringing regulation into the 21st Century. Stein and IAA President & CEO Karen Barr also explored a variety of other issues - from systemic risk to robo advisers to chief compliance officer liability at the 2016 IAA Compliance Conference. See the full playlist.

2016 IAA Compliance Conference - SEC DERA Director Flannery & Enforcement Chief Counsel Brenner

Mark Flannery, Director of the SEC's Division of Economic Risk and Analysis (DERA), told attendees at the 2016 IAA Compliance Conference that financial regulators erred when they assumed that asset managers should be treated like banks when assessing whether they pose significant risk to the financial system. Flannery also expressed disappointment in the research staff of the New York Federal Reserve, which recently published a series of blog posts suggesting that asset managers pose a serious threat to financial stability and liquidity. IAA General Counsel Bob Grohowski discussed SEC Enforcement priorities and the role "big data" plays in SEC enforcement, examinations and policy decisions with Mark Flannery, Director of the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, and Joseph Brenner, Chief Counsel for SEC Enforcement, at the 2016 IAA Compliance Conference. See the full playlist.

Celebrating the IA Act's 75th Anniversary

It was 75 years ago -- August of 1940 -- that the investment Adviser Act became law. It set the legal and regulatory ground rules for what was then a fledgeling profession, but has grown to more than 11,500 federally registered advisory firms managing some $67 trillion for nearly 30 million clients. Karen L. Barr -- President & CEO of the Investment Adviser Association (IAA) -- explains the enduring value of the IA Act, while regulatory and industry luminaries weigh in on how the Investment Adviser Act and its fiduciary duty have shaped the investing landscape, protected investors and fueled U.S. capital markets for decades. See the full playlist.