Service Provider Categories

IAA Service Provider Categories

Accounting and Audit Service

Companies that provide accounting, auditing, asset verification, and financial consulting services for investment advisers.

Best Execution Quantitative Analysis

Companies that assist investment advisers with evaluating actual commission rates and related costs to evaluate best execution.

Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery / Succession Planning

Companies or consultants that provide business continuity planning, disaster recovery services, succession planning resources, and planning for and restoring compromised critical firm functions.

Client Relationship Management

Companies that provide software products and systems to track multidimensional information on clients and their investments.


Companies that provide compliance consulting services to investment advisers, including registration/filing; assistance with development of written compliance policies and procedures; performance of mock audits; and risk management and analytics.


Companies that provide services enabling or helping advisers to establish and maintain secure records; assess, test, monitor, or maintain network security; identify and comply with national or international standards of security; or help firms deal with data breaches and related incidents.

Executive Recruiting

Executive recruitment firms with a financial services practice.

GIPS – Global Investment Performance

Standards (GIPS) and firms that assist in advising, applying, or verifying firms’ performance numbers in accordance with GIPS and GIPS compliance matters.


Firms that assist investment advisers in meeting their insurance needs, including advice on risk and exposure, and selection of insurance companies and products such as errors and omissions, directors and officers liability, and fidelity bonds.

Investment Adviser Referral Services

Firms or individuals in the business of referring clients to investment advisers for management of client funds and securities.

Law Firms

Law firms and attorneys with an investment management practice.

Law Firms (International)

Law firms located outside the United States with an investment management practice.

Management Consulting

Companies with specific investment adviser expertise re: firm governance and management, strategic planning, global expansion, preparation for acquisition or being acquired; analysis of organization models, investment and internal and 3rd party operations workflows; and adviser “Best Practices”.

Marketing and Public Relations Services

Firms and individuals that assist investment advisers with advertising their services, obtaining public exposure, developing advertising literature or advertising campaigns, preparing market data or research, or developing or maintaining websites.

Meeting and Event Management

Firms or individuals that help plan, organize, and conduct meetings and events for investment advisers or others.

OFAC/AML Tracking

AML consultants and companies that offer OFAC tracking software and services to comply with OFAC and USA PATRIOT Act antimoney laundering regulations.

Performance Measurement, Reporting, and Verification

Companies that provide investment advisers with tools to calculate and analyze performance, including performance attribution, benchmark customization and composite management, portfolio reporting, analytical capabilities, and verification services of Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

Portfolio Accounting

Companies that offer basic client and securities accounting systems for investment portfolios.

Portfolio Management

Companies that offer portfolio management systems that allow advisers to manage securities transactions, positions, and cash and income, as well as model portfolios using “what if” scenarios by sector, industry, asset class, country, region, or userdefined settings.

Reconciliation Services

Companies that offer automated reconciliation software products and services to allow an investment adviser to compare and reconcile positions, cash, and transactions from multiple sources of data, for both internal and external reconciliation of systems.

Research and Data

Companies that provide research and securities screening software that assists in making informed investment decisions and provides supporting investing data.

Risk Management

Companies that identify, analyze, assess, and reduce or mitigate firms’ risks.

Social Media

Companies that offer services, platforms, or resources for investment advisers that want to use social media.

Technology Consultants

Companies that provide research and consulting services to investment management firms to meet technology and operational needs, including vendor selection, assistance with system implementation, cybersecurity, and network security.

Trade Order Routing and Management

Companies that provide a comprehensive trade order management system to automate some or all trading cycles, including order creation, order management, trade execution, trade notification, and trade confirmation.

Trading Platform and Custody Service

Companies that provide trading platforms, custody services, and related brokerage services.


Companies or individuals that provide training for investment adviser firms or their personnel.

Trust Services

Companies that provide trust services and hold assets, including ownership documentation evidencing interests in partnerships or joint ventures.


Firms that value all or a part of an asset management firm for internal or external restructuring purposes.