Why Members Join The IAA

Why Investment Advisory Firms Join the IAA

“The IAA provides so much of everything for a small firm like ours.”

Managing Partner, $235M AUM

“The IAA is the leading investment management “watch dog/user friendly” organization in the USA and has the ultimate interests of RIAs at heart.”

Founding Partner, $600M AUM

“To be kept informed of industry and legal developments.”

General Counsel, $1B AUM

“To have access to current information on constantly changing rules and regulations, as well as protect our clients’ best interests.”

Principal, VP Operations & Finance, CCO, $1.2B AUM

“They provide us with invaluable information absolutely necessary to the running of our firm. The staff is accessible and very responsive.”

Principal and CCO, $2.5B AUM

“The IAA is the best resource for investment adviser and industry-related news. The staff is highly professional, proactive and knowledgeable.”

Compliance Officer, $3.2B AUM

“The IAA helps us keep up with new regulations and best practices.”

CCO, $3.5B AUM

“The IAA connects us with what is happening in our industry. We are able to leverage the resources the IAA provides.”

Founding Principal, $5.5B AUM

“The legal/compliance brain trust is of exceptional value. The IAA’s advocacy is a huge benefit to the profession and is worth the cost on its own.”


“The IAA is the only financial industry organization that shares and promotes our firm’s values.”


“The IAA keeps us abreast of U.S. issues and best practices.”

General Counsel, $34B AUM

“As the sole industry group representing registered advisers, it is a must do.”

Deputy General Counsel, $460B AUM

“They allow us to tap into many resources we couldn’t otherwise access.”

Lead Partner, $475M AUM

“The IAA provides timely information regarding SEC compliance issues and examination focus, and strong compliance training programs.”


“The IAA is our CCO’s first stop for information on compliance matters through its written and online material and access to its legal team. Establishing relationships with like organizations is valuable as well.”

CEO, $1.2B AUM

“Compliance resources, staying on top of industry developments, and networking”

Principal and Portfolio Manager, $1.3B AUM

“Great resource and valuable advocacy."

President, $2.5B AUM

“For a smaller firm with fewer internal resources, the IAA is a valuable source of legal and compliance information. Our firm strongly supports the IAA as an advocate for our portion of the investment industry.”

Vice President, CCO, $3.2B AUM

“We get great value from the IAA’s resources and feel that supporting our industry is critical to its future.”


“In the last few years there have been so many compliance rule changes... our heads were spinning. We needed to take action to ensure that we weren’t missing anything. We attended an IAA Compliance Conference and were hooked. We became members soon after that first conference.”

CCO, $5.8B AUM

“Throughout many years we have found the expertise and informational base of the staff to be exceptional.”

CCO, $9.9B AUM

“The IAA is a top notch organization with very talented people working to enhance our business.”


“For the legal and compliance support, the advocacy efforts, and the information about best practices in the industry.”

General Counsel, $140B AUM

“Effective representation on adviser issues. Great networking opportunities. Committee membership.”

CCO, $700B AUM