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Any good investment adviser knows you can’t afford to have compliance and regulatory problems.

The IAA is committed to keeping our members informed and up to speed about the most current and real-world developing business issues.

The IAA sponsors a wide variety of conferences, workshops, webcasts, and other educational events that address business, investment, technology, compliance, and other current issues facing investment advisory firms. In addition, the IAA publishes reports, surveys, and other educational information to help inform policy makers, the media, and our membership about the investment advisory profession.

The IAA is the best way to stay informed and on top of the rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment.


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Annual Conference
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Chartered Investment Counselor (CIC) Program & Designation

One of the most valuable benefits of belonging to the IAA is the ability to discuss today’s issues with leaders in the investment adviser industry.

For additional questions and information, please see the CIC webpage or contact the IAA:
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