Adviser Advocacy Day

AdvocacyDay 2021


2021 Adviser Advocacy Day 

A new Administration and a new Congress mean a new focus on a wide range of issues affecting investment advisers – ESG, a financial transaction tax, carried interest, changes to capital gains, advisory fee deductibility, asset manager diversity, new disclosure mandates, e-delivery, retirement changes, and more.

How debate on these issues progresses – and how legislation on these issues is developed – will have lasting impact on advisory firms and their clients, so it’s crucial that we make our voices heard on Capitol Hill. Legislators say the voices they listen to most closely are those of their constituents – which is why it’s critically important that you join us for our 2021 Adviser Advocacy Day on Thursday, June 10.

Participation is free, but advance registration is required. 


How Our Virtual Program Works

Unlike previous years when we visited legislators’ offices in person, this year’s Adviser Advocacy Day will take place virtually. Attendees will be grouped and matched with legislators based on their work address and can expect to participate in three to five virtual meetings with lawmakers and/or their staffs, which will take 15-20 minutes each

One week in advance, you will gain access to our Adviser Advocacy Day portal that includes:

  • Your schedule
  • Zoom links to all meetings
  • Talking points and brief position papers on priority issues
  • Industry economic and employment data for your state
  • Contact information for attendees in your meetings

Issues Briefing Webinar

Adviser Advocacy Day participants are also invited to a briefing webinar on June 2 that will cover policy priorities as well as how to navigate the online portal. The webinar will be recorded for later reference by attendees.

Neil Simon
Langston Emerson

Leading the event will be Neil Simon, IAA’s Vice President for Government Relations, and Langston Emerson, partner at the bipartisan policy group Mindset DC. Emerson is a policy strategist and advocate with particular experience in advancing business goals for private equity, venture capital, real estate, and insurance clients.

Detailed information on the industry’s leading policy priorities is available on our IAA Issues & Advocacy web page.

This is a critical time to impress upon legislators our industry’s importance to the economy, to investors, to the capital markets, and to their constituents. We urge advisory executives to join us in our advocacy efforts. 

More Information

For questions regarding Adviser Advocacy Day, call (202) 293-4222 or email