Coronavirus Response Resources


The impacts of the coronavirus on our members have been as disruptive as they were unexpected. On this page, we are providing links to resources that will help members stay up-to-date on this extremely fluid situation and deal with the many challenges it presents to business operations, regulatory compliance, legal and contract matters, and client relations. 

Resources presented here are divided into five categories: those developed by the IAA, featured on this page; those provided by government health agencies, those provided by the SEC and other regulators; those provided by a variety of sources addressing provisions of the CARES Act, and those provided by no less than 20 law firms – all IAA Associate Members – that have generously allowed us to share their detailed resources on issues such as BCP, workplace challenges, contractual issues including force majeure clauses, regulatory and compliance issues and more.

These resources will be updated as the rapidly changing coronavirus situation evolves. We are also posting news stories about coronavirus-related developments affecting advisers on our online newsletterIAA Today.

IAA Regulatory Relief Chart

IAA COVID-19 Relief Resource Chart (Updated October 6, 2021)

IAA Coronavirus-Related Alerts and News Postings

More Individuals Qualified for CARES Act Coronavirus-Related Retirement Plan Distributions, Loans Under New IRS Guidance (June 22, 2020)

SEC Extends Relief for In-Person Board Meetings, Not for Form ADV and Other Filing, Delivery Requirements (June 22, 2020)

SEC Enforcement and COVID-19: How Lessons from the Financial Crisis Apply Today (May 27, 2020)

SBA Extends Safe Harbor to Return PPP Loans to May 18, 2020 (May 14, 2020)

New SEC Guidance on Adviser PPP Loans and Form ADV Reporting: 
SBA Clarified Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms Not Eligible for PPP (May 6, 2020)

IRS Issues FAQs on CARES Act Retirement Plan, IRA Provisions (May 6, 2020)

DOL Issues COVID-19 Relief from ERISA Deadlines for Plans and Participants (May 6, 2020)

CARES Act Provisions Related to Retirement (April 6, 2020)

SEC Says No to Extending Form CRS, Reg BI Deadlines (April 3, 2020)

Navigating the Coronavirus Crisis
Advisers’ Crucial Role – and How the IAA is Supporting You (Updated April 3, 2020)

March 25 Coronavirus Regulatory Updates (March 25, 2020)

  • SEC Extends Relief for Adviser Filing Deadlines, Eases Conditions
  • Extends Relief for Fund Filing Deadlines and Board Meetings
  • Adds Flexibility for Obtaining Short-Term Funding, IFL Arrangements
  • NFA Extends Regulatory Relief for CPOs and CTAs

OCIE Moves Most Examinations Off-Site, Assures Advisers Reliance on Coronavirus-Related Regulatory Relief Will Not Trigger Exams   (March 23, 2020)

SEC Provides Targeted Relief from Forms ADV and PF Deadlines,In-Person Fund Board Meetings, Fund Filing Deadlines   (March 14, 2020)

IAA Coronavirus-Related Webinar Recordings

IAA Audit Directors Working Group Call (May 28, 2020)

Private Equity Managers and the COVID-19 Liquidity Crunch (April 13, 2020)

What Advises and Clients Need to Know About TALF Funds & CARES Act Title IV (April 17, 2020)

Adviser Disclosures and COVID-19 (April 9, 2020)

What Advisers and Clients Need to Know about the CARES Act (April 7, 2020)

LIBOR Transition in Light of COVID-19 (April 7, 2020)

Best Execution & Trading in Fixed Income and ETFs in the COVID-19 Environment (April 6, 2020)

Answering Clients’ Portfolio Questions (April 3, 2020)

Best Execution & Trading in the Equities Markets in the COVID-19 Environment (April 2, 2020)

Audio Recording: Addressing IA Coronavirus Concerns (March 18, 2020)



As the COVID-19 situation continues to impact our members, we continue to provide members with resources and up-to-date information on these developments. Our full staff is continuing to provide you critical information and services. All scheduled committee calls and webinars are proceeding as planned.

The IAA held its first member briefing call on March 18, 2020 as the pandemic began to discuss considerations for firms in addressing various implications of the coronavirus developments. A recording of that call – which covered BCP, regulatory filing obligations, disclosure, remote working arrangements and more – is available here. Since then, we have presented numerous webinars addressing a range of coronavirus-related business disruptions. Recordings of those webinars are available here. We also continue to hold regular member calls to provide members with the opportunity to share their experiences with and ask questions of other members. And we continue to report on coronavirus-related developments affecting advisers in our online newsletter, IAA Today.

We are in regular contact with our regulators. The SEC staff has asked the IAA to keep it informed of impacts that the coronavirus situation is having on our member firms and potential compliance relief that may be appropriate. We have had several conversations and communications with SEC staff since the beginning of the pandemic. We encourage you to share information about how your business operations are being affected by emailing or by calling the Legal Team at (202) 293-4222.

We appreciate your continued support and willingness to share best practices with each other during these challenging times. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we may be of assistance to you on any matter.