Get Involved

Get Involved: IAA Committees and Working Groups

The IAA invites individuals with member firms to get involved with the Association’s committees and working groups.

These groups provide an excellent opportunity for those who share a common interest to contribute their insights, expertise, and experience.

Participants meet via periodic conference calls, and sometimes in person, to exchange information, discuss best practices, and hear from guest speakers.

Currently, the IAA has 12 active committees and working groups. From time to time, ad hoc groups are set up for specific purposes.

  • Legal and Regulatory Committee
  • International Committee
  • Cybersecurity Working Group
  • FSOC/Prudential Legislation Working Group
  • Bank-Affiliated Asset Managers Working Group
  • CFTC Working Group
  • Private Equity Advisers Working Group
  • DOL Working Group
  • Social Media Working Group
  • Compliance for Smaller Firms Working Group
  • Government Relations Committee
  • Membership Committee

Read a description of each committee and working group.

To inquire about a group and to be put in touch with the staff liaison to learn more, call the IAA at (202) 293-4222 or email